Giving Back

Our involvement in the Local community

We believe that healthy kids start with healthy communities. That’s why we’re actively involved in supporting local schools, teams and community groups.

Native American chief, in profile, in full headdress

Amity High School Class of 2022

We believe in the importance of celebrating one's accomplishments, and since one of our patients is a member of the graduating class of 2022 at Amity High School, we wanted to make a donation to support the drug and alcohol free Senior Class Graduation Party. We're glad her and her peers can have a safe and fun night celebrating all their hard work.

white shark on a maroon and black striped background inside a black circle with McMinnville Swim Club in white letters on it

McMinnville Swim Team

A few of our patients are a part of the team and since Dr. Joe enjoys diving we made a donation to the McMinnville Swim Team this year. We love to support the teams and organizations our patients are a part of whenever we can.

maroon image of a grizzly bear face head on, with mouth open

McMinnville Grizzlies Softball Team

Softball is a sport that requires a lot of self-discipline--which is a skill that comes in handy when taking care of your smile too. So, of course, we were happy to be one of the sponsors for the McMinnville High School Softball Team this season. After all, Grizzlies have some impressive teeth.

paw print surrounded by circle with Memorial Elementary School printed on it, Bulldogs in cursive below

Memorial Elementary Jog-a-thon

Just like it's important for kids to develop healthy habits when it comes to oral hygiene, we think it's just as important for them to develop healthy exercise habits that are fun and manageable, which is why we were proud to be one of the sponsors for the annual Jog-a-thon at Memorial Elementary School held on September, 9th 2021.

Salvation Army logo: red shield with

Salvation Army McMinnville Corps

The Salvation Army sells gently used items that everyone needs from clothing to home goods at an affordable cost. Like many non-profits, they can't continue to effectively serve the community without donations and we wanted to do our part to keep their legacy alive in McMinnville.

gold cross with dove and feather in front, surrounded by kid's handprints: St. James School A Legacy of Learning

St. James Readathon

We made a donation to the annual read-a-thon at St. James School held in March of 2021. We also donated book markers that were given to all of the participants in the school event.

4-H logo: green four-leaf clover with a white H on each of the leaves

Yamhill County 4H Club

A patient of ours is a member of the 4H club here in Yamhill County so, in support of what makes them smile, we made a donation so they can continue to participate in a club that keep makes them happy.